Non-member use of AIPP logo


From time to time, the AIPP finds its logo being used by property companies who are either not members of AIPP or they have been expelled from the membership. In some cases, they make references in their marketing material that they are member without the display of AIPP logo.  We’d like to assure members and consumers that this happens relatively infrequently. However,  it is important to draw attention to this when such instances occur and we make every effort to locate those companies and request the removal of the logo.

The AIPP member badge is a sign that a company is working under the industry Code of Conduct, and is accountable to AIPP under that Code and its associated Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary Procedures. When you see a company displaying our logo, for your own assurances we recommend that you visit our website where you can find a searchable and fully up-to-date Register of Members. Alternatively please call us on below given numbers so that a member of staff can guide you. 

We value the feedback we receive from the consumers and the members. Should you believe that a company is displaying AIPP logo without being listed as a member, please do let us know via email to

The following companies we have found that they displayed the AIPP logo without due membership:

Company Name


Portugal Property Sale

Salsa Inmobiliaria

HomeAway Group

Turkey Property Plus

Area 34

PLS Consulting

Crown Acquisition Worldwide

Global Sun

HMG Properties

Redweb Investments

DBI Property Consultant


Ritz G-5

Compare Properties Spain

John Hilton Asia

Berger Realty & Investments

Casasol Real Estate

Portman Consulting

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