Welcome to the AIPP Legal Working Group, or ‘LWG’ for short.

This free service is for you if either of the following applies:

1.     You are a British resident looking to buy a foreign property and seek a legal ‘road map’ to assist you

2.     You are a British resident owning a foreign property and seek assistance over a matter of dispute

The service is provided by Legal Members of AIPP who have also elected to join the LWG. Legal members include both Law Firms and Legal Service providers and provide access to their network of local Law Firm partners who provide legal advice. 

The AIPP LWG also provides information about Notaries who are often required when buying a property abroad. Certain members of LWG provide Notary services. The Notaries Society also provides information about the work of Notaries and a directory to find one in your area.


Countries covered

The AIPP LWG currently covers the following countries: Argentina, Brazil, Cape Verde, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, USA, and Venezuela.


How to apply

If you are a consumer with an enquiry in one of these countries, please proceed to the Consumer section where you will find more information about the service and how to apply. If your country of enquiry is not listed here then we cannot provide assistance through the LWG. However, we may be able to put you in touch with a Legal Member of AIPP that could provide some level of assistance to you. This would be outside the remit of AIPP LWG and be a direct relationship between yourself and the Legal Member, and as such the Legal Member may seek to charge you for their services. If you are interested in this alternative solution, please make contact with AIPP at lwg@aipp.org.uk and we will determine whether a Legal Member can help. We are continuously developing this service and will be increasing the number of countries covered as we recruit new members to the AIPP LWG scheme.

Please note that the purpose of the LWG is to provide guidance and advice at the start of a legal process (a property purchase or dispute resolution) and that if a lawyer has already been retained, then LWG cannot respond.

Free legal guide

Please download and read our complimentary guide on our website ‘Getting the Right Legal Advice’ before proceeding with this service.


Participating in the AIPP LWG scheme

If you are a Legal Member of AIPP (or wish to become a Legal Member) and also wish to join the LWG, please proceed to the Legal Members section. Not all Legal Members of AIPP have elected to join the AIPP LWG scheme.



As part of the AIPP institutional commitment to Corporate Responsibility (CR) the AIPP wishes not only to give information to the public but, where appropriate, to give assistance should matters go wrong. The aim of the AIPP LWG is to act as a complimentary focal point for buyers and owners of a foreign property. That said, AIPP does not provide any legal advice itself – we are not trained or regulated to give legal advice. We have voluntarily agreed to set up and administer this scheme to be delivered by professional legal experts for the benefit of British residents. AIPP does not receive any direct payment for providing this service, save for our members who voluntarily pay to be members of AIPP. AIPP is funded solely by its members and by sponsorship; we receive no funding from government or any government agency. This service may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

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