AIPP Exhibition Zone


On 19th-21st September, the Property Investor Show at ExCeL in London will play host to the first ever AIPP Zone at an exhibition. The Zone will be an area within the show where only AIPP Members will be able to exhibit. It will be advertised by the organisers in advance as an important feature within the show. 

The Zone was officially launched at The Homebuyer and Property Investor Show in London, 7-9th March at Excel exhibition centre where stand bookings were first taken for September. Within 10 days of release, the 800 square metres allocated to this Zone had been booked; the area has now been extended to 1600 square metres.
‘There are obvious benefits to Members to exhibit in this area at the show,’ explained Paul Owen, AIPP Chief Executive. ‘There will be widespread marketing of the Zone in advance, making clear to consumers that the companies in the Zone have been vetted by the AIPP, are trained by the AIPP and, most importantly, that they have voluntarily committed themselves to AIPP’s professional Code of Conduct. In an almost entirely unregulated market, such commitment is proving a winner with buyers.’
There will be additional benefits to Members who exhibit including a free advert within the AIPP section of the Show Guide, available in hard copy and electronic format. The exhibition website will also be enabled to allow visitors to search for AIPP Members only.
The idea itself came from Nick Clark, MD and Founder of the Homebuyer Events company.
‘As Founder Members of the AIPP, we have always supported its aims to improve standards of professionalism in the international property market,’ said Nick. ‘I am extremely keen to see the AIPP succeed long term. This is the first proper attempt at creating an association with teeth and that actually delivers results. We believe that the AIPP Zone will be an additional consumer attraction at our event and a significant one.’
These are interesting times for the AIPP. In what will be a challenging year for the industry, the consumer reassurance provided by membership and the voluntary agreement to self-regulation is likely to make a substantial difference in a highly competitive market.
The Consumer Survey carried out by the AIPP at the end of 2007 showed that already 47% of UK and Irish buyers are more reassured by AIPP Membership. 94% of buyers would like a market in which agents and developers abide by a professional code of conduct and face disciplinary action if they do not.
‘That has to be the future for the market,’ concluded Owen. ‘The consumer will demand so.’


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