AIPP raises consumer profile, September 07


This Autumn, the AIPP is launching a significant campaign to heighten consumer awareness of their work and the benefit of buying overseas with their Members. 

Targeted on buyers in the UK and Ireland, the Association wants to make sure that prospective buyers understand the benefits of buying with an AIPP Member.

The AIPP has stands at both the Property Investor Show at ExCel London (21 - 23 September) and A Place in the Sun Live at NEC Birmingham (28 - 30 September). At both shows, they will be continuing with the AIPP Consumer Survey 2007 (available online for the past two weeks), asking the public what worries them about buying overseas and what measures the industry can take to give them more confidence.

In addition, the new AIPP Members Directory, a consumer guide to buying safely overseas, is published on 27th September in both the UK and Ireland. The second edition has an estimated circulation in its first month of 70,000 (50,000 in the UK; 20,000 in Ireland), and another 12,500 copies will be distributed through the year to consumers at shows and through the post.

With the results of the AIPP Consumer Survey to be released to the press soon and other significant PR campaigns to come, this Autumn will witness a significant increase in the profile of this professional body.

Owen concluded, 'This market can be made better, safer, cleaner. Buyers will drive the next level of improvements. If UK and Irish buyers want a better market, they should support the work of the AIPP. 

'How do they do that? Simple, ask each international property company if they're a Member of the AIPP. If buyers demand that companies follow the standards we're setting, more will become Members and become bound by our Code of Conduct; that puts the buyer in a better position immediately.

'Buyers shouldn't be afraid. We have no agenda other than making this market better. We're selling the buyer nothing. We're giving the buyer something. Buyers should make the most of it.'



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