AIPP’s busiest month since launch


Board applauds AIPP team as record number of membership applications is submitted to June's Board meeting.

AIPP’s Chief Executive Paul Owen said recently that the level of interest in membership was at its highest level since the Association launched in March 2006. The statement was proven correct at this week’s June Board meeting with 35 companies applying for membership.
‘We even got a round of applause from the Board at the end of the meeting!’ said Owen. ‘We had 30 applications for Business Membership (those selling property) and 5 for Associate Membership (those selling other products and services in the international property market).’
The level of interest in AIPP membership has been growing for some time. ‘There are plenty of people in this market running professional companies which would qualify for AIPP membership,’ explained Owen. ‘Many of them want to join a professional trade body but they’re cautious before signing up; I applaud their caution. They’re waiting to check our credibility (I think that is beyond question now), they’re waiting to see if this is really going to work (the evidence is becoming more and more compelling), and they’re waiting to see if we have the teeth to impose our rules (we do but have not had the need to really enforce this yet; several consumer issues have been dealt with though).
‘More and more professionals are seeing their concerns disappear as the AIPP builds a higher profile,’ Owen continued. ‘Ultimately, it is consumer awareness that will drive this forward and Members are reporting a significant increase in the consumer recognition of AIPP membership.’
The Association now has 225 Members live with another 32 accepted pending references.
‘There is much more to come this year. In September, we will publish the second edition of the AIPP Members Directory. As last year, it will be distributed as a bagged supplement with A Place in the Sun magazine and launched at the Place in the Sun exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. Expected circulation is 50,000. There will also be a significant feature in the Daily Mail newspaper on the AIPP and its work and our plans are still in place for a series of TV shows on Real Estate TV featuring only AIPP Members.’
In addition to the marketing of AIPP, the Association will be helping its Members be more professional with industry standard ‘Terms of Business’, guidelines on the contracts for viewing trips (the source of most complaints to the Association) and delivery of due diligence systems to vet developments before selling to the public. The AIPP Member training programme will also deliver a Country Specific course this year, allowing companies to display a ‘AIPP – Specialist in Country’ logo once staff have passed the test.
‘The question is no longer if this market will change but when it will change,’ concluded Owen. ‘The market is already demanding more professional conduct and we must draw a line and say, “You cannot work as a professional in this market if you do not adhere to certain standards”. The AIPP is a principal driving force behind that change and our Members will help improve this market.’


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