Beware: misuse of Member logo by non Member


A company using the names Salma Homes, CBA Properties, Torton Properties, and ABP Properties is using an AIPP Founder Member logo on their website. Please beware: these companies are not Members of the AIPP. 

They have copied (without authorisation) the website of one of our Members, Property, including the AIPP Founder Member badge.
We have tried to contact them by phone, letter and email without reply. We are taking legal advice on this matter.
In light of their unauthorised copy of our Member logo as well as the unauthorised copy of Property Frontiers’ website and their refusal to reply to reasonable requests to remove the logo, we recommend you proceed with great care, if at all, with these companies.
We also recommend that you check the list of Members on our website (always up to date) before proceeding with any company displaying our logo. Although this problem is not widespread, the misuse by Salma Homes / CBA Properties / Torton Properties / ABP Properties makes it clear that this can happen. Despite the fact that we will always take action to remove such unauthorised use, you will be best served by making a quick check on our website or by calling our Head Office to make sure of a company's voluntary commitment to the professional standards set by the AIPP.


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