The Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) has released the 4th edition of its annual guide, ‘Buying Overseas Property Safely – The Consumer Guide from the Industry Body’. 

As the step-by-step manual of how to avoid common pitfalls and buy overseas safely, it’s become the ‘Green Cross Code’ of the international property market.
It provides consumers with independent and expert advice with features such as ‘5 common pitfalls and how to avoid them’ and ‘10 questions to ask your agent’. It also explains who buyers will need to hold their hand through the process, from agents and developers to lawyers, foreign exchange specialists and financial advisers.
The 64-page publication also includes a full list of AIPP Members, all signed up to follow the industry’s professional Code of Conduct, along with information for consumers on how the AIPP can help them.
The guide is available as a bagged supplement in this month’s A Place in the Sun magazine and it was well-received by visitors to A Place in the Sun Live in Birmingham at the weekend (2-4 October).
Christopher & Nicola Lloyd of Cwmbran, South Wales picked up a copy from the AIPP stand at the show.
'We've been talking to a company about buying property in Florida and we were really pleased to find out that they are AIPP Members when we read the new guide,’ said Nicola. ‘It's very reassuring to know that the agent we're going to use has voluntarily agreed to follow a professional code. It makes us feel happier about buying.'
‘This sort of reassurance is exactly why the AIPP was formed in 2006,’ explains Paul Owen, Chief Executive of the Association. ‘In a largely unregulated sector, our sole aim is to make the international property market a safer place in which to buy property.’
A copy of the guide can be ordered free of charge from the AIPP direct by calling +44 (0)20 3207 9095 or by emailing enquiries@aipp.org.uk. In addition, the guide is freely available as an online digital version atwww.aipp.org.uk.
‘This guide should be the first thing any potential buyer reads before they start their search for a property overseas,’ concludes Owen. ‘I say to all buyers: “We’re selling you, the buyer, nothing. We’ve giving you, the buyer, something. Make the most of it. Please. It will help you.’ 


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