New AIPP Board elected plus new Chair


AIPP's AGM on Thursday 19th March saw the election of 4 new faces onto the AIPP Board and the re-election of 5 ‘old’ faces (existing Board Members who had reached the end of their elected 2 or 3 years and stood for re-election). 

Members also elected a new Chair of AIPP as Sue Ash had reached the end of her maximum 3-year tenure.
Newly elected to the Board were:
1. Colin Barrett-Treen
2. Andy Bridge
3. Steve Long
4. Guy Tolhurst
Re-elected to the Board were:
5.    Cindy Griffith   
6.    Jeannie Lumb
7.    Mark Rickard                
8.    Robin Barrasford
9.    John Howell
The nine elected last night join the other 4 of:
10. Sue Ash
11. Peter Robinson
12. Nick Clark
13. Lindsay Hopkins
The new Chair of the Board and of AIPP elected at the AGM is Lindsay Hopkins of Trafalgar Square Overseas. Congratulations to Lindsay.
20 Members stood for election to the Board this year. Congratulations to the 9 elected and commiserations to the 11 who did not get elected. 


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