Notice of disciplinary actions taken by the AIPP


Issued by the AIPP on 20th February 2008 

To date, the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP) has received 79 formal complaints about its Members.
It has been agreed by the Board that the names of Member companies against whom complaints have been upheld will not be published, providing the company has followed the Disciplinary Procedure and accepted any sanction imposed by the Association. In such cases, the AIPP will publish the details on its website without mentioning the names of the parties.
In cases where the sanction imposed is expulsion from membership, the AIPP reserves the right to publish the details of the company and the complaint(s).
Of the 79 complaints to date, the resolutions are as follows: 
·          12 cases mediated between complainant and Member company (without payment);
·          12 cases mediated with a financial settlement paid by the Member to the complainant;
·          £76,000 paid out by Members in financially mediated settlements;
·          8 complaints taken to AIPP Disciplinary Panel hearings;
·          5 fines issued at hearings with a total of £25,500*;
·          1 Member expelled for a breach of the AIPP Code of Conduct.
Although the AIPP has previously expelled Members as a result of unpaid membership fees, the recent expulsion of a Member due to a breach of the voluntary professional code is a first. The reason for this decision was explained by the Panel at the hearing in late January:
The Tribunal finds the essence of membership of AIPP is that members must agree to abide by the Code of Conduct of the organisation and by its constitution. The essence of the Code of Conduct is that they should behave professionally in their relationships with their potential buyers.
The Tribunal finds that the conduct of Bulgarian Dreams in this regard fell way short of the ambits that should be expected.
The Tribunal was also very concerned that Bulgarian Dreams had failed completely to respond to the orders of the Tribunal – not the requests – that it supplied further information to allow it to establish the truth or otherwise of the client’s remaining allegations.
In these circumstances the Tribunal considers that it is inappropriate for Bulgarian Dreams to continue as a member of the organisation and recommends the Board to expel.
The Board accepted this recommendation pending appeal. Members have 7 days to appeal against a decision of a Disciplinary Panel hearing. This period ended on Friday 15th February 2008 in this case and Bulgarian Dreams was notified of its expulsion from AIPP membership on Tuesday 19th February. In such cases, Members have a maximum of 28 days to remove all mention of AIPP membership from their materials.  
*Any fine imposed by the AIPP will, once received, be held in a separate account. All fine monies accumulated will be paid to the chosen charity, UNICEF. The AIPP will not benefit from the income generated by fines or any interest earned.


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