Second record month in a row for the AIPP


At the recent AIPP Board meeting on Wednesday 25th July, a record 48 membership applications were submitted; 41 were accepted as full Members. 

‘Only once did we have more than this and that was our first Board meeting in March 2006,’ explained Chief Executive Paul Owen. ‘We had just over 100 at that meeting and 80 were accepted into membership but as the launch with a 3 month lead in, it’s not really a fair comparison to our now monthly meetings.’
Before this meeting, the record number of applications at one meeting was 35 and that was only last month. Two record breaking months in a row; a sign?
‘The level of interest has been building for some time. Those applications have not sprung from nowhere; they’re from companies who’ve been thinking about this for a while. We’re being contacted by them now as they keep seeing the AIPP name in the public eye, they see the Member logo in the press and they’re being asked about AIPP membership by the buying public. With a significant marketing campaign this Autumn, that profile will only go one way: up. And quickly.’
The imminent publication of AIPP’s new Members Directory is the most important part in the marketing mix for AIPP’s Autumn. The Directory will go to print in mid-August and will be published in September.
In the UK, it will be a bagged supplement in A Place in the Sun magazine, published on Thursday 27thSeptember, the day before the Place in the Sun exhibition opens in Birmingham. With copies on sale at the show as well as all usual distribution, its expected circulation is 50,000.
Owen has just secured a distribution deal in Ireland. The Directory will be a bagged supplement in the Irish Property Buyer magazine with a circulation of 20,000, published on the same day as A Place in the Sun in the UK.
‘We have quite a few Irish Members and it was imperative this year that we found a way to get our Members Directory and the work of our Irish Members in front of the Irish public. Our deal with the Irish Property Buyer, who will give the Directory some editorial coverage as well as advertising it on the front cover, will raise our profile significantly in Ireland and further increase the benefit of AIPP membership for Irish companies.’
Explaining the point of the Directory, Owen said, ‘This Directory is about consumer profile and consumer assistance. We give the public in the UK and Ireland information about our work and we provide completely unbiased guidance on buying overseas. Also, we make sure that buyers know who our Members are and the benefits of buying with them.
‘We expect circulation of approximately 70,000 in our first month and the Directory is then used by the AIPP throughout the year to hand out or send to consumers. The Daily Mail expects to carry another feature on the AIPP the week following publication of the Directory which, as usual, will bring in a lot of consumer enquiries.’
Owen concluded, ‘These are such exciting times. The market is increasingly recognising the need for a collective effort to improve our industry. The AIPP is the focal point and the driving force behind those changes. This market will be changed substantially within the next 18 months’


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