The five golden rules of website writing - Chris Nye


One. When writing website copy, blogs or guides imagine you are talking to one person. Your job is not to write something clever or exciting or funny to entertain a crowd, it is simply to convince that one person, just as if you were showing her round a property.


Two. Notice I said “imagine you are talking to one person”, emphasis on the talking. Write like you speak, in simple, direct terms. But not boring, not just blah blah blah in their face, create a conversation. If you find that hard, try speaking your articles into a voice to text writer (they’re on every Mac or iPhone or free to download).


Three. Yes, customers are more sophisticated these days, but they still need their hand held along this buying process. They are out of their comfort zone, worried about being ripped off. And these are the early adopters, the adventurous ones; wait until the mass market comes along. We can make the journey easier by offering guides and advice that help to anticipate and understand the process. 


Four. Readers love stories. That’s why they love watching A Place In The Sun – because they can follow Ken and Denise on their journey. We like seeing other people who have done it successfully before, so we can say, yes, I’ll be like those guys, not the other losers you hear about.


Five. Simplicity. You know all about your own industry and your own business, but your reader may have no idea what you are talking about. Keep jargon for impressing your industry colleagues and have the manners to talk to your customers in words they have a hope of understanding.


Chris Nye - Freelance Writer



I spent my early career in cruise ships, hotels and restaurants (managing and later owning them) before becoming a business and travel writer. As British people moved from just holidaying abroad to buying large chunks of it, so I switched to writing about property. I was features writer on A Place in the Sun magazine for many years and until recently I was editing OPP (Overseas Property Professional) magazine. Writing B2B for international estate agents has been an exciting chance to use my own business experience. 

My mission now is to help overseas property businesses convince British people why they need a holiday home abroad. Having helped many A Place in the Sun readers to get their dream home, my belief is that the kind of warm, friendly advice that agents offer in person is not always being translated into their literature, either online or offline.

I want to help agents to write material as if they were talking to one individual buyer, to create engaging, educational and inspirational copy for your websites. For this or any other writing you may need, give me a call.

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