Twofour brand new documentary


Twofour, a television production company based in the UK  -, are producing a brand new documentary series focusing on individuals who are undergoing renovation work on what will become future accommodation. This will range from boutique hotels, B&B and guest houses to larger, more ambitious projects. They will follow the journeys of these projects, from renovation to opening – in a similar vein to UK channel 4 series Grand Designs.

They are looking for couples & families who are renovating/refurbishing a property to become a new hotel/guest house/B&B etc. If you are aware of any B&B/hotel properties that are currently undergoing renovation or refurbishment work in the UK or Europe, please contact them directly.

They are interested in British Expats who are no more than 50% of the way through their project, planning to open as a functional premises by the Summer 2016. The focus will be on individual stories to follow, rather than big named chains.

Their contact details are:

Kat Healy

Researcher | Twofour Broadcast

T: 01752 727643


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