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DOWNLOAD a copy of the Industry White Paper launched by the AIPP in November 2014

International Ethics Standard Coalition Flyer - August 2015

AIPP Smartbadge Introductory Letter & Guide

New compliance requirements by HMRC & NTS for UK Agents

New compliance requirements by HMRC & NTS for Overseas Agents




DOWNLOAD a free copy of AIPP's 'How to Buy Overseas Property Safely' 2016

DOWNLOAD a free copy of AIPP's 'UK Pension Changes & Buying a Foreign Property' 

DOWNLOAD a free copy of our 'Guide to Buying a Property in Spain', written in collaboration with RICS & Registradores de Espana.

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Peter Robinson - MD of AIPP Trade Press articles


AIPP for EasyJet Magazine- Advice From The Experts

Preparing for a life abroad

Selling direct for foreign property developers

The new global digital reality

Consumer Protection through closer links with UK MP's

UK agents to add incremental revenue stream through international property opportunities



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