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Compliance Guide Update

We have updated our Compliance Guide for 2017 which is now endorsed by National Trading Standards Estate Agency Team (NTSEAT). January 2017

AIPP provides members with guidance and support in meeting UK compliance requirements for companies trading in the international property sector. This applies to companies based in the UK who deal with overseas property, as well as companies based abroad if they are doing business with the UK. This includes:

  • Detailed guidance which is reviewed and updated for changes in legislation
  • Assistance in adopting the requirements of legislation to ensure a member is compliant
  • A voice to express important issues in meeting compliance requirements with the regulator, the NTSEAT, and to lobby for change or clarification as required
  • Advice on best practice and implementation
  • Automatic registration with The Property Ombudsman at no extra cost

A comprehensive guide is available to members upon request. Please visit the Resources Section and log-in as a member


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