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Your feedback on our new AIPP website launched in April 2018

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A key strategic move now places all AIPP’ previously consumer-focused content into our new buyer / owner website; AIPO (Alliance of International Property Owners). More details about the AIPO website below.

This leaves the new AIPP website free to concentrate on trade-oriented matters; knowledge, networking, information sharing, education & best practice etc. As we develop this service for the benefit of members, some site material will be publicly available, some will only be for members via a log-in.

We welcome member feedback on what resources and services you would like to see on the new AIPP website and how you think they can work best for you. Members can email our CEO direct to express their views; peter@aipp.org.uk.

We have previously communicated the thinking behind the launch of the Alliance (in three of our 2018 AIPP member newsletters) based on the approved strategy receiving final sign-off at the AIPP Advisory Board meeting in London, December 2017.

In summary:

AIPP is launching AIPO for three key reasons:

1. To support those we help create: foreign property owners
2. To broaden members market footprint and increase awareness of your business
3. Increase buyer awareness benefits of only buying from AIPP members

By supporting British-resident owners of a foreign property we will attract buyers. We think buyers will more readily relate to, and interact with, a unique organisation created for them.Visitors to the AIPO and AIPP websites will be able to search and find AIPP members and contact you directly with their enquiry.

AIPO will offer both groups support in the following 4 areas:

1. Knowledge & Support
2. Inspiration, Savings & Offers
3. Representation to Governments
4. Community Hub

We will be adding a lot more content to the AIPO website, including some from new strategic partners – all with an interest in supporting buyers, once they become owners.

We will support both AIPP & AIPO websites online & in traditional media using new budgets created specifically for this


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