Looking to purchase property abroad? Unique support in buying & ownership

AIPP supports the Alliance of International Property Owners – providing free knowledge, support, guides, inspiration and special offers to British buyers and owners of a foreign property

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Connecting Members to buyers & owners: launch of the Alliance of International Property Owners

British-resident buyers and owners of a foreign property gain unique support hub

The 1.5 million British-resident owners and 20,000 annual buyers of a foreign property (freehold, leasehold and timeshare) now have, for the first time, an organisation dedicated to their support; the AIPO, or Alliance, for short.

Only professionals who are members of AIPP will be able to support buyers & owners with advice & support on the AIPO website.

The Alliance offers professional support in 4 key areas:

1. Knowledge & support

2. Inspiration, savings & offers

3. Representation to Governments

4. Community hub

Owners & buyers can secure a free Founder Member status for a limited time in 2018.

The Alliance is supported by the AIPP, the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) and hand-picked commercial partners.

Visit www.aipo.org.uk for details.


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