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AIPP supports the Alliance of International Property Owners – providing free knowledge, support, guides, inspiration and special offers to British buyers and owners of a foreign property

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Member Blogs: Create free content to buyers, owners and the trade

Blog to the trade via AIPP website, blog to buyers & owners via AIPO website

Blogging is completely free, and only available to, AIPP members

AIPP members can blog on AIPP website for a variety of trade-related reasons; seeking referral partners, new product launches, connection for events & all manner of collaboration.

AIPP members can also blog on the new AIPO consumer website (Alliance of International Property Owners), in order to directly connect with British buyers & owners of a foreign property.

Download AIPP Trade Blog Guidelines (these are currently being updated, details will be posted soon)

Download AIPO Consumer Blog Guidelines Here

For assistance please email: claire@aipp.org.uk


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