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AIPP supports the Alliance of International Property Owners – providing free knowledge, support, guides, inspiration and special offers to British buyers and owners of a foreign property

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Former Head Of Savills International Property lends support to AIPP new initiative

Why the Alliance of International Property Owners is a 'worthy initiative' by Charles Weston-Baker

“It was, perhaps, just a matter of time before an organisation – the Alliance of International Property Owners – was formed to give a focal point for the now very substantial number of British residents with an interest in a foreign property. Indeed, it was about two years ago that Peter Robinson outlined his ideas to me on a business trip for (what became) the Alliance, and it is heartening to see the early success Peter and his team have had in bringing together partners to support this worthy initiative.

"Timely and unbiased support"

For the first time and all in one place, owners and buyers of a freehold, leasehold and timeshare property are able to access a range of professional and independent guides and services. The industry has tended to silo potential buyers by their own particular approaches to sales & marketing, but the Alliance puts the focus back where it should be; the consumer. It should be the consumer who determines how they graduate from holidays to second-home ownership with some timely and unbiased support, as offered by the Alliance.


"I believe the Alliance could grow into being a valuable resource"

In my experience, the property industry could do more to better serve the cross-border holiday home and retirement markets, resulting in better outcomes for buyers, owners and the trade. In recognising the substantial capital and emotional outlays of buyers, as well as the enduring requirements of owning a foreign property, I believe the Alliance could grow into being a valuable resource for all connected parties and I look forward to charting its progress.”

Charles Weston -Baker

Former Head of International Property



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