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UK Government: Agent Regulation Update

AIPP meets with UK Government office to discuss mandatory qualifications for Estate Agents

AIPP CEO, Peter Robinson, met with MHCLG* at their London offices for an initial scoping meeting June 27th. Peter was joined by AIPP Deputy Chairman, Peter Esders, Solicitor at Judicare Group and Louise Reynolds, AIPP Advisory Board member and owner of agent, Property Venture.

Background reading on this subject may be had via this earlier blog post

The purpose of the meeting was to brief MHCLG on the British market for foreign property purchases and the role of British-based and foreign agents in facilitating this.

The outcome of the meeting was for MHCLG to agree to include AIPP in further industry consultations planned for later in 2018.

No date has been set for the start of mandatory industry qualifications, and how they might also impact agents visiting the UK to promote foreign property, although this is likely to be in the second-half of 2019. Exactly how and when this will manifest depends upon MHCLG putting forward either new primary legislation (potentially impacting late 2019) or adapting existing legislation (which could happen sooner).

*Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government


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