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Agents - how to be more attractive than property?

NEW Property Share Network launches with AIPP members highlighted

The Property Share Network (PSN) has just launched to provide a simple and easy way for agents to collaborate in sharing properties, clients and commissions. AIPP members can highlight their membership and actively choose to only work with fellow members, currently over 380 companies in 31 countries around the world.

In an interview with PSN founder Director, Chris Thompson, AIPP discussed the increasing difficulty agents have in keeping clients after an initial approach is made if the ‘right’ property is not in that agents portfolio. Chris is no stranger to the industry and is also the founder and Director of Property Portal Marketing, having previously worked at A Place in the Sun. AIPP put the following 4 questions to Chris about PSN:


Q1. Who did you create PSN for and why now?

CT. PSN is just for estate agents and helps to deal with, firstly, the increasingly difficult problem of holding onto your client and gain loyalty if the property that first attracted them to you does not meet their needs. Secondly, PSN helps deal with the time and hassle of processing property feeds from other agents, especially when many agents are now starting to hold onto their feeds so as to have more control over what other agents are listing and where its being listed.



Q2. What are the specific benefits of PSN to Agents?

CT. You are going to sell more property if you have more of the property market to sell! Most agents would also prefer to spend more time with clients and undertaking sales & marketing activities than scratching around for properties on multiple websites, ringing other agents to see if they want to collaborate etc.

Other benefits include:

  • Upload via XML feed, PSN is automated for new listings or if you need to edit listings
  • Upload unlimited properties and send collaboration messages to agents quickly & easily
  • Choose which listings you want to be shown/live, if there are certain conditions in place with the owner or the property etc.
  • Upload & agree to collaboration agreements before searching online
  • Choose to search for property via AIPP registered agents only or the whole network
  • Download PDF´s to print or email to your client with your own logo and information details

Q3. What are the benefits for buyers choosing to work with your PSN member agents?

CT. Its a big time saver as buyers don’t need to search multiple agent websites to find property, don’t need to scroll through hundreds of portal pages and make multiple viewings with lots of agents. Once a buyer has found an agent they like and trust (and as long as that agent is in the PSN network), all that work can be done for them quickly and easily.

Q4. Your 'Collaborate, Share & Network' tagline - how easy is that to do with PSN?

CT. Its very simple to work with PSN and its a straightforward process with no jargon

Sign up to PSN via this link to the Property Share Network, verify your information, create your profile and upload your XML feed / collaboration agreement. Search the website for property, register your client direct with the agent through the network. Make more sales!

The cost of PSN is €20 per month on a rolling basis with several discounts available upto 20% for a minimum 12 month contract.

The XML feed is €25 per month + a one time set up fee of between €30-€50 dependent on the agents CMS.


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