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Belgium market update - Ghent 15th-17th February

AIPP supports members in Ghent, Belgium

AIPP spent a few days at the Second Home Expo (SHE) Ghent, supporting 11 AIPP members and recruiting new ones amongst the 128 exhibitors attending.

Every visitor to this Belgian property show was given a copy of the SHE Magazine and show guide in which a page of editorial and advertising promoted AIPP members as the professionals of choice with which buyers should engage.

With each of the 11 AIPP members listed in the magazine, with their stand number, and members proudly displaying their membership via a clear A5 display, members commented it was giving them ‘the edge’ over competition.  The simple, yet powerful proposition to buyers of ‘Buy right, own well’  briefly explained on the back of the display unit.

Several member video case studies were also recorded at the event and will be edited and posted soon.



Belgian Buyer Data

The Ghent show attracted 5569 buyers this February, up slightly on last years show – despite the unseasonably warm weather prompting many locals to head for the coast, amid reports of traffic jams to get there!

Show exhibitors were a real mix of Belgian, Dutch, British, Spanish and Portuguese companies, amongst others, with 86% of them returning having done previous Ghent shows.

42% of visitors to the show had identified they were looking to buy a property within one year and 84% of them would recommend a Second Home Expo visit to a friend.


Exhibitor networking event

AIPP helped facilitate a very buzzy exhibitor networking event after the first day of the show, introducing members to each other, brokering partnerships and signing-up new members. We would like to acknowledge the kind support of the highly professional and dedicated Second Home Expo (SHE) team who are unstinting in their support of AIPP at all their shows.

Helping to raise industry standards and buyer awareness of how to go about buying a foreign property safely is a shared aim of the SHE team and AIPP. Our particular thanks to Gijs de Bie, Exhibition Manager and Koen De Zutter, Marketing Manager of the Belgian market.




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