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AIPP supports the Alliance of International Property Owners – providing free knowledge, support, guides, inspiration and special offers to British buyers and owners of a foreign property

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48% more Free Member Listings on AIPO - Only for AIPP Members

AIPP Member properties listed for FREE on our sister-site ‘AIPO’
Listings have grown by over 48% in the last 6 weeks; now up to 9623 from 6489 – and growing daily!

When AIPP agent members subscribe to the Property Share Network (to share their properties with other agents) members of AIPP now also have their properties automatically listed, for free, on our sister website: AIPO – Alliance of International Property Owners so buyers can contact you with an enquiry.

Part of the AIPP ‘Buy right, Own well’ campaign, buyers can enjoy a ‘safer property search’ when choosing AIPP member agents. Get involved and get listed by visiting the PSN website via this link. Sign-up directly with PSN (€60 for 3 months/€114 for 6 months / €204 for 12 months) and your properties will appear on the AIPO website, free of charge. Only for members of AIPP.


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