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AIPP Compliance Training to protect you and your clients

Online Compliance Training added as a new AIPP member benefit

AIPP is pleased to bring GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and (AML) Anti-money Laundering training to members, online. Members will be able to navigate the complex issues these topics represent and print and display a certificate confirming their success in passing each training programme.

Members are able to take the courses offered in their own time via engaging online video courses, answering questions as they go.

Data protection has never been a bigger issue than it is today. International property professionals have access to client financial and personal details, so it’s imperative due care and attention is taken to protect them.

As members also increasingly use online services to run or operate their businesses; CRM, accounting, banking, sales, marketing, social media and other cloud-based applications, it is vital members protect themselves from malicious operators, constantly looking to steal valuable data.

As work-based devices are often also used for personal reasons, it is important the risks these represent both for the individual and the company are understood and mistakes avoided.

GDPR/Data Protection

Data protection is a big subject with lots of different applications. A European-wide set of regulations now exist covering every member of the European Union (EU). The UK, post-Brexit, has adopted these standards under the UK GDPR set of standards. Companies based outside of the EU and UK must comply with these data regulations when dealing with citizens from these countries. In the UK, this set of regulations is overseen by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) .

AIPP has made 6 training modules available online covering the following key data protection topics:

  1. Introduction to personal data protection
  2. Accountability and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  3. Preventing a data breach
  4. Check your information is secure
  5. Using portable storage devices securely
  6. Using Social Media

The total time taken to complete all 6 modules is less than 90 minutes in an interactive and fun format and, if failed, may be repeated until a pass is obtained (at no additional cost). On successfully passing the complete programme, a training certificate will be issued and can be downloaded, printed and displayed.

Anti-money laundering (AML)

Anti-money laundering (AML) is a big issue for governments around the world seeking to protect tax revenues and deal with the multiple issues that organised crime groups represent. Unfortunately, cross-border property transactions – particularly those in new build – have attracted criminal attention. AIPP members must be aware of the dangers to their business, reputation and the possibility of very large regulatory fines for inaction in not registering with the relevant authority (HMRC in the UK), fines for lack of AML due diligence with clients  and take steps to protect themselves.

The AML course comprises 4 short modules totaling 50 minutes, covering the key aspects in an interactive, fun format. If the course is not successfully completed it may be repeated until a pass is obtained (at no additional cost). On successfully passing the complete programme, a training certificate will be issued and can be downloaded, printed and displayed.

The course modules include:

  1. Legislations, responsibilities and policy
  2. What is money laundering?
  3. Identifying unusual activity
  4. Reporting unusual activity

AIPP members should check the particular regulations applying to their business in their own country and ensure they comply. AIPP has written about this subject on several occasions and has links to the UK perspective on this here and here in previous blogs

Cost of taking the GDPR and AML online courses

From May 2021, new Business Members of AIPP will receive one Compliance Training Licence included in their annual membership fee (ensuring at least one person in each company has received the training). Additional licences are available to purchase from AIPP at £50 per person, on a voluntary basis.

Existing members of AIPP will be charged the new increased membership fee on renewal of their membership from December 2021 which will also include one Compliance Training Licence.

Our research suggests this is, by far, the lowest price available in the compliance training market for such courses. As a not-for-profit organisation, AIPP is able to limit the cost to members and this approach has been endorsed by the AIPP Advisory Board in our April meeting.

There is no additional cost to retake any of the course modules if a pass is not achieved at the first attempt.

Further relevant courses and programmes under the compliance topic, along with updates to existing courses and refresher courses will be added regularly, building on members training and education.

For further information on courses, or to purchase a training license and register for online training please email peter@aipp.org.uk.

Note: Compliance training licences are not available to non-AIPP members. If you are interested in becoming a member please submit an enquiry form.


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