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AIPO gets new name - introducing Advice on International Property Ownership

AIPO – name change from ‘Alliance of International Property Owners’ to ‘Advice on International Property Ownership’.

AIPO is the client-facing ‘sister’ organisation to AIPP and available exclusively and free to AIPP members to promote themselves directly to clients. One aspect of this is the free property listings AIPP members get on the AIPO website with all client enquiries on AIPO directed to members websites.

We have undertaken a full review of the AIPO website over the summer, including looking at customer usage and SEO. As a result, we are announcing a name change for the previous ‘Alliance of International Property Owners‘ to ‘Advice on International Property Ownership‘. We felt the previous name of The Alliance was now misleading. The website is very much an advice and inspiration portal, rather than an organisation, as AIPP is.

The purpose of AIPO website has changed over the last 4 years to reflect the way the public are using it, and the new name is more appropriate to its current direction. The name is also more SEO friendly and will help drive more clicks and engagement with aipo.org.uk from the overseas property buyers and owners it is aimed at (hits on the site continue to build with 444K+ unique users to the site in the last year).

The url/website address remains as aipo.org.uk which is key to retaining the excellent authority that the website has built in Google search results over the last four years. The name change will happen over the next weeks and, for this duration, the existing name will remain in some areas to ensure continuity.

A new AIPO Supporter logo hyperlinked to the website will be available from next month and members are invited to use the logo on their websites. Members already using the supporter logo are also encouraged to switch to the new name logo, but are still welcome to continue to use the existing logo.

If you wish to be sent a logo for your website please email claire@aipp.org.uk and use ‘New AIPO logo request’ in the subject line.

Members are encouraged to use the AIPO for benefit in their own marketing, via submitting blog articles, listing their properties on the AIPO property pages via the AIPP MLS and uploading the free guide downloads to their own websites (or send direct to clients).


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