Looking to purchase property abroad? Unique support in buying & ownership

AIPP supports the Alliance of International Property Owners – providing free knowledge, support, guides, inspiration and special offers to British buyers and owners of a foreign property

Visit the Alliance website

Only AIPP members can display properties on our websites - and its FREE

FREE client enquiries are directed to members own websites

Over 100 AIPP members are now displaying more than 15,000 properties on our AIPO client-facing website. Members who want to take-up this free offer need to register separately for this service, please contact inga@aipp.org.uk and we will get you set up asap!
Taking advantage of the 440,000+ annual visitors to our sister website: AIPO – Alliance of International Property Owners – all that users of the AIPP MLS need do is include a <propertyurl> field into their XML feed. Add this after the <propertyref> or <propertyID> field (and ensure to tick the ‘AIPO Listings’ box!)


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