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Ayhan Erciyas & Associates




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Our Firms ambition is to be one of the premier law firms within the TRNC (Northern Cyprus) and to internationally extend its branches. The aim is to achieve this goal through continuous investment by way of managing the information and knowledge gained and by embedding an overall working culture that enables its people to offer a continuous high level of service. To demonstrate our commitment to our clients, we adopt the policy of recruiting individuals of a high standard, with the ability to understand and be able to relate to the cultures of the sectors they are servicing. We believe that this niche is the key to achieving client satisfaction at the highest level and pride ourselves on being one of the leaders to achieve this niche. A prime example of this is embedded not only in the people we employ but also in the associations which we form. Our Firm currently has such an association with a UK based Law Firm by the name of Hugh Jones and LLP. The main crux of this association is being able to provide its mutual clients with the convenience of dealing with a UK based Law Firm in relation to all their affairs in the TRNC (Northern Cyprus).


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6th July 2016

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Ayhan Erciyas & Associates


Property Acquisitions Providing advice on the full range of property- related transactions. With an integrated team of English, Turkish and Russian speaking individuals, we have the commitment, resources and knowledge to satisfy Conveyancing requirements on all scales. Forward-thinking and professional in our approach, with the ability to deliver complex purchases, we handle the entire property procedure from the initial consultation through to completion and acquisition regardless of whether it is a commercial property or a residential property. Furthermore we assist clients that one step further with their rental and leasehold agreements, re-sales and financing. We further advise our Clients with private equity structures, joint ventures, limited partnerships, unit trusts, Property investment trusts and other co-investment arrangements for property-related transactions. Services: Contract of sale for both residential and commercial property Permit applications Rental agreements Operating agreements Construction agreements Leasehold agreements Joint venture agreements Planning and Zoning Land use Property Investment Trusts Property Tax Company Formation Property Private Equity Development




Tasgen Karaaziz Plaza
No 39 Cengiz Topel Avenue
Mersin 10


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