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Property Venture®, is an award-winning, European investment property firm that offers advice, sourcing and problem solving services to time-strapped Expats, Entrepreneurs and Executives. The focus is mainly: UK and German buy-to-let property, homes in Poland's cities, Spain and managed leaseback in France.


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29th May 2013

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Property Venture® - enriching lives through European property investment


Are you an Expat who would like some trusted help back in the UK to match the right investment property to your needs? Are you a busy Executive and don't have time to build your property portfolio? Then it might be worth having a chat. I have helped investors get the right yielding property investment for them and can do the same for you. Stay in touch through my regular investment updates http://www.property-venture.com/investor/register.html


France, Germany, Poland, Spain


Buy-to-Lets, High Yield, UK, Continental European cities, tailored property advice

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"‘I have appreciated the straight forward and honest approach of Property Venture®. Service levels have been very good and professional. The information supplied and answers to my questions have been balanced, factual and realistic. One thing I found most helpful was the phone call and discussion about my options based on my aims and what I wanted to achieve, given one of my biggest challenges now is saving for retirement and getting a foothold in the property market.’ "

— R. Rigby British Expat Abroad

"For me, as an off-shore worker and non-resident of the UK, it is very important to have a quick response, get updates on the situation and support for any questions, and I got it all from Property Venture®. Louise always responds very quickly to any of my requests, even if she is not directly involved in the matter in-hand she always helps to find solutions. 'I received a high standard of service and professionalism.' "

— Offshore worker Sergej C. UK Investor

"Property Venture® has a much broader network of mortgage agents than you usually find via online sites and online brokers, to help cater to special circumstances…..and this helped the most, getting access to a specialist mortgage agent thanks to Louise’s contacts, who was actually able to help with non-resident clients and UK citizens trying to purchase overseas...‘on it’...quick at getting things moving, which is very helpful when dealing with urgent property questions. … requested all the relevant information up front and passed it on to the broker for me so I didn’t have to repeat everything all over again (which would often be the case elsewhere). Superb professionalism’ "

— S. Brindley, Expat, Council Director
Member for 5 years