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AIPO Blog Posts Guidelines

Guidelines for post submissions to the AIPO Blogsite

Introduction – Blog Posts are only open to AIPP members. It is important you understand AIPO’s position in the market, and the nature of its supportive role for British buyers & owners of a foreign property before you submit your post.

We welcome each and every contribution but please allow up to two weeks for a response. We are very happy to work with you on submissions if help is needed. Posts not meeting our editorial criteria will not be featured. See our ‘Top Tips’ below for further guidance.

Word count – Between 300 and 800 words is ideal but more can be used if felt necessary.

Images – images you send us must be owned by you and must be properly attributed and credited. Failure to do this will result in them being rejected. Jpeg format is preferred and images must be high resolution. If you do not supply images, AIPO will provide appropriate stock images.

Content – should be original and unique, not nakedly sales-focused or just a native advertisement

Format – articles to be in Word format, attached by email to peter@aipp.org.uk along with images.

Byline – your article will be ‘Guest post by’ so please supply your name /company name

Edits – please don’t be offended if we suggest changes. You will be informed before we publish in case you want to re-write. The editor’s decision is final.

Links – we welcome links but will delete those we feel are unnecessary or inappropriate.

Republishing – once an article has been submitted to AIPO it becomes the property of the blog owner and cannot be republished elsewhere without written permission from AIPO. We do encourage you to post a link to the guest article on your own blog and share via social media.

Top Tips:
• Don’t state the obvious and try to overtly sell – say something genuinely interesting!
• Posts should ideally be informative, entertaining or persuasive (all 3 if possible!)
• A strong and engaging first paragraph should give an idea of what the post is about
• Pull-quotes should be used when possible to break up text
• Posts should generally end with a further action the readers can take
• Titles should be about 5 words long and hook the reader i.e. a problem you are solving
• Choose language that is inclusive and avoid expressions with prejudiced overtones

What is the Alliance of International Property Owners – AIPO?

By supporting British-resident owners of a foreign property we attract buyers. We think buyers will more readily relate to, and interact with, an organisation created just for them.

The AIPO Blog offers a unique platform for AIPP members to connect and share their thoughts, ideas, services and tips directly with their ideal consumer market.

Visitors to AIPO can search and find AIPP members and contact you directly with their enquiry.

AIPP launched AIPO for three key reasons:

1. To broaden AIPP members unique market footprint & increase awareness of members businessess.
2. To support those we help create: foreign property owners
3. Increase buyer awareness benefits of only buying from AIPP members

We estimate 20,000+ British buyers a year join the 800,000 British-resident owners of a foreign property.

Its FREE for members to post on AIPO: email peter@aipp.org.uk and let’s start talking