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AIPP White Paper - Guidelines for the sale of overseas land and property to buyers from the UK

Published & presented to UK Members of Parliament at AIPP event of 18th November 2014, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London

Helping the next 1 million British Buyers of a foreign property do so more safely


Most British buyers of a foreign property do not belong to a ‘wealthy elite’. They are ordinary
people, on a modest income, who have worked hard and saved all their lives. The last ‘property boom’ saw many British people buy abroad with some ending up in terrible and well documented difficulties.

Of course, the media highlight the negative and a majority of people have successfully bought and continue to enjoy their properties as a 2nd home, retirement or for investment. However, it is the scale of the potential financial and emotional loss through buying a foreign property that necessitates our work.

Buyers need to take proper advice before venturing into the market and I am proud to announce, today, an AIPP consumer protection initiative that takes this to the next level.

Thanks for taking the time to engage with us.  We aim to be a catalyst for a wider collective on
the subject and I would be pleased to  have your feedback on this paper. My thanks to David Amess, MP, who kindly sponsored this AIPP event to promote our work to fellow MP’s in the House of Commons, 18th November 2014.

Peter Robinson
Managing Director
AIPP – Association of International Property Professionals

Please download the pdf of the full contents of the White Paper by clicking below:

AIPP White Paper 18.11.14 on the guidelines for the sale of overseas land and property to buyers from the United Kingdom