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We focus on people. We have more than 10 years of experience behind us in the real estate sector, a great offer of services and an extensive portfolio of clients and real estate product. We guarantee direct treatment and professionalism.
Our philosophy is to focus on our clients , to establish a direct and personal relationship to provide to best service and advice during the purchase process. Our main goal is to understand, listen and search for the ideal home for our clients.
Our offer mainly consists of residential and vacation homes, in coastal areas, ski resorts and golf resorts. However, we have other projects directed to another customer profile that, due to their location, can offer high capital gains and are ideal as investment.


Member since:

12th April 2019

Trading or brand name(s):

GFA Real Estate


Dedicated to Real Estate, our main job is to create a wide range of personalized services:
• Real Estate Advice
o Investment property purchase
o Residential and holiday homes purchase
o Residential and holiday homes acquisition
o Guaranteed rentals
• Financial Advice
o Taxes and programmes for mortgage investment
• Integral management for promoters
o Services for owners
o Services for promotors.
o Welcome, presentation and introduction of the Constitutive Act, informing of the legal and essential aspects to grant a Legal Entity to the Real Existence of the Community of Owners.
o Appointment of the positions of the Governing Board
o GFA Real Estate proposal, to offer its services as administration, explaining the services provided and its corresponding fees.
o Annual quote proposal
o Post-meeting management
o Request for legalization in the Land Registry
o Transcription of the Constitutive Act
o Request of N.I.F. of the Community in the Treasury Delegation
o Opening bank account
o Submission of the Constitutive Act to all owners




PERSONALISED SERVICE: We cover all necessities of buying and selling, adapted and totally personalized. PROFESSIONALISM AND EXCELLENCE: in the management and Real estate service. We create long lasting relationships with our clients and providers. TRUST: Our values are our best guarantee, trust, confidentiality, reasonability and empathy during the whole commercial process form the structure of our Company.

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