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AIPP' sister company, AIPO, joins UK Tourism Alliance to lobby UK Parliamentarians

AIPP announces government-level support through AIPO & UK Tourism Alliance

AIPP’ sister company, the Alliance of International Property Owners (AIPO), has been accepted into membership of the UK Tourism Alliance, alongside companies such as ABTA and Airlines UK.

AIPP & AIPO have made this commitment in order to help protect what our industry helps to create; British-resident owners of a foreign property.

AIPO met with over 50 Lords & MP’s in the British Parliament on 19th March in support of the estimated €5 billion spent by British owners resident in the UK, in accessing their foreign property each year. AIPO estimates a further €15 billion is spent each year by British-resident owners in the countries they visit to use their properties

Meeting with MP's in Westminster: Kurt Janson, Director of the Tourism Alliance, Paul Gardener-Bougaard, RDO CEO, Peter Robinson, AIPP CEO



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